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Water Meters Arad

 Arad water meters are designed for use on potable water and give high accuracy over a wide measuring range. The meters are available in two ranges, these being positive displacement and woltmann type meters, they can be installed in any position, i.e. horizontal, vertical or inclined. (The meters must be full of water while operating).

The Arad multijet meters are a proven performer in accurate measurment of water volumes.   With a brass body and scratch resistant coating, the Arad multijet is the workhorse of small meters.   The maximum operating pressure is 1,000 kPa and the maximum water temperature is 40 degrees C, the stainless steel "Register" contains all of the reading dials and pulse output reed switch when supplied.   

Only one moving part - the impeller - in contact with the water for minimum wear and utmost reliability.
  • Magnetically driven sealed registers. Stainless steel/glass encapsulated option is unconditionally guaranteed against fogging.
  • Wide selection of dial configurations (3 pointers; central pointer), units of measurements and different options of electrical output.
  • Optional Electric Output:
    • EV, EF, Dialog 3G, DPE, MPE


Water meters using the multi-jet principle are the best cost/performance, long life, flow measurement instruments. Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible area of contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons for the high reliability of this design even in hard water. MH model for hot water available.


For domestic, agriculture and industrial use

Available Sizes

1/2"- 2" (15mm- 50mm)

Multi-Jet Magnetic Water Meter 


Applications For domestic, agriculture and industrial use.

Technical Specifications Maximum Working Pressure           16 bar Maximum Working Temperature     50°C

Installation Requirements The Meter should bwe installed in an horizontal position dial face up. Pipeline must be flushed before installation The meter should be constantly full of water.


Code Size Flow Rate m³/hr
Max Nominal
AWM12 / AWME12 1/2" 3 1.5
AWM34 / AWME34 3/4" 5 2.5
AWM1 / AWME1 1" 7 3.5
AWM114 / AWME114 1 1/4" 10 5
AWM112 / AWME112 1 1/2" 12 6
AWM2 / AWME2 2" 30 15


Technical Specifications

Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar (optional 16 bar)
Maximum Working Temperature 50°C (optional 90°C for HOT water)
Body MaterialOptional for sizes ½" and ¾" Corrosion proof copper alloy Highly reinforced composite material(not available for hot water meters)
Coupling Threads BSP, NPSM



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