Water Fountain Aerators
If you’re looking for more of a decorative effect, Kasco’s JF Series Fountains are the right choice for you. Complete with interchangeable nozzles, the JF Series units allow you to easily change your fountain pattern allowing you to customize your pond or lake, all while improving the overall health and quality of the water. Kasco’s JF Series Fountains use a propeller guard and bottom intake screen to prevent clogging and allow for continuous operation and minimal maintenance.

- Units available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 2 and 3HP sizes
- 2HP per 4,000m2 recommended for proper aeration
- All units include pump, interchangeable nozzles, loat and 15m mooring lines
- 2400EJF and 4400EJF units include 10m power cord or a stub power cord
- Stub power cords are 1m in length and include a quick disconnect and stainless steel strain relief
- 2, 3HP units only available with stub cord
- Customer or installer adds additional length power cord as needed during installation
Superior engineering is the hallmark of all Kasco products. This means longer life and better operating costs. You simply won’t find better value anywhere.
Our industrial strength products are built to last. Stainless steel components and optimum-speed motors provide extended life with minimal maintenance. All exposed metal is marine grade stainless steel suitable for salt water.
Our entire line of 50HZ products carries the CE marking indicating full compliance with all EU regulations.
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