Rewatec Neo Flat Underground Water Tank

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Rewatec Neo Flat Underground Water Tank
Easy Install,
35% Less Weight
35% More Stability
35 Years Warranty
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Rewatec Neo Flat Underground Water Tank
  • Easy, fast installation,low installation costs
  • The low weight and shallow excavation pit markedly ease the handling for installation. The small excavation pit means less disturbance to the garden.
  • This also makes NEO ideal for post-hoc installation in existing properties. NEO is fit for truck traffic and installation in ground water.
  • Better for resources and the environment
  • NEO is made from recyclable plastic using 35 % less material than our previous F-LINE flat tanks. This makes NEO particularly valuable ecologically in its production, transport and use.
Combines the highest stability with a low weight
  • The new NEO tank is not only distinguished by its very high stability, but also by a considerably lower weight than comparable flat tanks.
  • Thanks to the efficient design, the pump basin makes optimal use of the tank volume.
  • The new flat NEO tank ensures the highest stability and durability with its innovative geometry. This is emphasized by the 35-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 35% less weight.
  • 35% more stability.
  • 35 years warranty.