Rain Bird Standard Rectangular Valve Box

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Rain Bird Standard Rectangular Valve Box
Height 307mm
Length(Bottom): 590mm
Width(Bottom): 490mm
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Rain Bird Standard Rectangular Valve Box
  • Rectangular and round valve boxes made of heavy duty polyethylene permit easy access to underground water meters, air relief valves, drain valves, electric and manual valves, TBOS control modules, decoders and other irrigation equipment.
  • These valve boxes are fast and easy to install saving in installation costs.
  • Constructed of high density polyethylene from recycled materials.
  • Unique bolt hole knock-out design in lid keeps insects and pests out of the box.
  • Easily removed pre-cut pipe knock-outs for faster installation.
  • Bevelled lid edges help prevent damage from garden machinery.
  • Wide flanged base and corrugated structure providing superior box strength
  • Black body and green lid with locking hex bolt
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