Rain Bird Micro Drip Line 6mm x 15cm 3lts/hr x 30mts

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Rain Bird Micro Drip Line 6mm x 3lts/hr x 30m
Works with all our Micro Fittings
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Rain Bird Micro Drip Line 6mm x 15cm 3lts/hr x 30m
  • Rain Bird 6mm dripline is the newest evolution in dripline offered by one of the leading brands in the irrigation industry. It is now the most flexible and kink-resistant option in the open market. Ideal for irrigating pots, planters, and container gardens..
  • The Rain Bird 6mm dripline has specifically been designed with outstanding flexibility and is ideal for irrigating narrow and tight planting areas without the need for additional barbed fittings. Brown coloured tubing makes it practically invisible under mulch or on the ground. Patented pressure compensating dripper assures even distribution.
  • This dripline has an unmatched clog-resistance through built-in filtration and two outlet holes. and dual layer construction for unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae and UV damage.
  • 3.0l/h Rain Bird 6mm dripline; 15cm spacing x 30m
Main Features
  • Simple to use, as the flexible tubing makes watering pots and container gardens easy.
  • 6mm tubing size complements the aesthetics of any garden.
  • Clog resistance through built-in filtration and two outlet holes, 180 degrees apart.
  • Brown tubing complements Rain Bird XF Dripline.
  • Unobtrusive size and flexibility provide a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing means to irrigate plants.
  • Works with Micro Barbed Fittings.
  • Comes in 2 spacings (6" (15.25 cm ) and 12" (30.5 cm)) and a coil length of 100' (30.5 m) for design flexibility.
Brand Rain Bird

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