Grundfos Unilift

Grundfos Unilift CC Multi purpose Drainage Pump c/w level switch

UNILIFT CC  is a low-suction drainage pump that features both lightness and strength, from low-lying points of buildings to surface water pits.

• Non-return valve with flexible discharge adaptor

• Built-in venting valve in handle

• Standard 8-ft cable length with built-in float switch

• Removes water to as low as 3mm


Applications -

The pumps are suitable for - drainage of flooded cellars - pumping of household wastewater - groundwater lowering - emptying of swimming-pools and excavations - drainage of drain wells - emptying of tanks and reservoirs

Features and benefits -

Simple installation - Service- and maintenance-free

Technical data

Flow (Q) max. 4.1 l/s

Head (H) max. 9.5 m

Liquid temperature 0 .. 40 °C           

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