Hansen Nylon Check Valves
Used in-line as a non return valve to stop fluids flowing back through your system

  • High Performance, Cost Effective Check Valve with a Strong Compact Design that delivers high volumes of water quickly with unrestricted full flow

  • Unique design gives you exceptional flow rates thus can move more water in less time and save on pumping costs

  • Screw Cap allows for easy access for in-line servicing

  • No Poppet Valve to wear or jam

  • Diaphragm and spring are interchangeable with the same size Hansen Foot Valve

  • Fast response when opening and closing

  • Smooth operating valve for high efficiency with the valve opening at only 1psi

  • All connecting threads are BSPT and NPT

  • New Zealand Made

  • Manufactured from strong, non-corrosive UV stabilised materials for a long life which are approved for use with Potable (drinkable) Water

When fluid is required in the direction of flow, the diaphragm opens allowing exceptional flow. As the flow through the valve stops, the diaphragm closes preventing any return flow. The greater the back or head pressure, the better the diaphragm seals against the valve seat.




                Cross section shows the valve in fully open Position              Cross section shows the valve in fully closed position

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