Perrot Hydra 2 XS

Short Range compliments a full system for tees, approaches and other small shaped areas.

Inlet: 1" Female BSP

Casting Range: 13mts - 19mts

Standard Features Include

  • Brass Bottom Threaded Inlet, brass bottom valve. 

  • Central Flow system reduces hydraulic friction and improves the performance efficiency.

  • Slip Clutch

  • Both Left and Right arcs are adjustable.

  • Adjusting the arc is possible when the sprinkler is not in operation-arcdegrees can be viewed on the dial on top of the sprinkler.

  • Rotation Speed adjustable (100 - 150sec/360°)

  • High Endurance ball bearings used inside the sprinkler.

  • All parts can be serviced from the top of the sprinkler.

  • Flushing techniques ensure positive pop up and down.

  • Manual control and pressure regulation on valve in head models can be adjusted from the top of the sprinkler ( On-Off-Auto)


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2 Products
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