Netafim Spinnet Sprinklers

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Netafim SpinNet Sprinklers
Rotor Type:
FLT - Flat distributor, colored Gray
Micro-sprinkler, 2 different flow rates: 70l/h & 160l/h.
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Netafim SpinNet Modular Sprinklers
  • Super-fine static mister especially designed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses and livestock, ‎and for irrigating over rooting tables.
  • Easily create an overhead or bench top misting system using our Netafim heads. The Netafim assembly provides water efficient, uniform misting for both bench or floor crops and is easily adaptable to any greenhouse. Requires Hanging Assembly.
Main Features & Benefits;
  • SpinNet™ micro-sprinklers are constructed without a "bridge" to retain the spinner, producing a drip-less operation, this means that plants located below the sprinklers are not damaged from water dripping off the sprinkler. SpinNet™ hangs below the supply pipe preventing wetting of the pipe and dripping onto the plants below.
  • Interchangeable components. SpinNet™ micro-sprinklers can be disassembled by hand should they need cleaning - no tools are required.
  • Acid resistant (AA) raw materials, thus allowing the application chemicals to pass through the system. The system can be cleaned by application of suitable acid treatments.
  • Excellent uniformity distribution on a full coverage irrigation system.
  • Strongly recommended to connect the SpinNet™ to the distribution pipe with a SSPE (super soft PE) micro-tube, a specifically designed stabilizer and AD valve (anti-drain) that will prevent distribution pipe drainage.
  • Bridgeless design.
  • Micro-sprinkler, 2 different flow rates: 70l/h & 160l/h
  • Nominal flow rates at 2.3 bar pressure.
  • Recommended working pressure: 2.0 up to 3.0 bar.
  • Recommended filtration : 130 micron / 120 mesh.
  • Filtration method is to be selected based on the kind and concentration of the dirt particles existing in the water.
  • Wherever sand exceeding 2 ppm exists in the water, a Hydro-cyclone filter is to be installed before the main filter.
  • When sand/ silt/ clay solids exceed 100 ppm, pre treatment will be applied according to Netafim™ expert team's instructions.
  • Inlet connector: Press fit.
  • Rotor Type; FLT - Flat distributor, coloured Grey
  • Greenhouses, Nurseries, Net-houses.

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