Irritrol Solenoid Valves 2500 Series

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Richdel / Irritrol Solenoid Valves 2500 Series
1" BSP Female
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Irritrol Solenoid Valves 2500 Series
  • The Irritrol® 2500 Series is a classic example of making a great valve even better. Irritrol has taken its proven 205 Series of valves to the next level by adding a full menu of features including a patented “floating metering system” for consistent performance in dirty water applications and a rugged, double-beaded diaphragm for long-term performance with no leakage. The 2500’s manual internal bleed enables the valve to be opened without filling the valve box with water. And servicing is made easy and efficient with captured screws.
Globe configuration
  • Female thread BSP 1”
  • Flow Control (FC) (mod MTF and TF-50H)
  • Internal/External manual bleed
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion and UV resistant PVC construction
  • Screws accept phillips, flat-blade and hex driver tools
  • Captive Solenoid (the plunger is retained in the solenoid)
  • Slow, anti water hammer closing
  • Double-beaded Santoprene diaphragm provides leak-proof seal
  • Working pressure: 0,7 to 10 bar
  • Solenoid 24VAC-50Hz (24VAC-60Hz on request) - Inrush current 0,34 Amp - Holding current 0,20 Amp

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