K-Rain Pro Series 100 Solenoid Valve

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K-Rain Pro Series 100 Solenoid Valve
Available in 1" with Flow Control
Female Thread
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K-Rain Pro Series 100 Solenoid Valve

Available in 1" with Flow Control

Female Thread

This reliable valve offers a straight through flow pattern that dramatically reduces pressure loss and reduces the risk of trapped debris that causes other brands to fail.

  • Self-cleaning screen with straight flow-through pattern.

  • Internal and external bleed in additional to optional flow control.

  • Captured Plunger Solenoid

The valve body is constructed of UV and corrosion resistant PVC material.  The valve is BSP 

  • Heavy Duty, Corrosion and UV Resistant PVC Construction – Increases the life of the valve.

  • Combination 1” and 1 ¼” – Provides the option to increase the pipe size to the valve, increasing the flow rate.

  • Tilt Diaphragm/Piston Assembly – Allows for a straight flow path of the water increasing the flow rate while reducing friction loss.

  • Debris Tolerant Design – Provides flexibility for use in the potable or dirty water applications.

  • Manual External Bleed Screw – Provides for manual operation in system start up.

  • Manual Internal Bleed-Through Solenoid – Provides for manual operation without discharging water outside the valve.

  • Flow Control with Removable Handle – Allows for precise flow adjustment and manual shut-off and allows you to remove the handle to prevent tampering (except in model number 7001-NFC).

  • Captured Plunger – Allows for the solenoid to be removed without losing the interal plunger.

  • Self-Cleaning Metering Screen – Screen is in the turbulent flow of the water, allowing self cleaning action during operation.

Operating Specifications:

  • Pressure Rating – 20 -150 PSI

  • Pressure Loss @ 30 GPM – 5 PSI

  • Flow Range – 0.75 – 35 GPM

Electrical Specifications:

  • Solenoid – 24 VAC 60 Cycle

  • Inrush Current - .43 Amps

  • Holding Current - .25 Amps


Height: 4” Width: 3” Length: 5 ¼”Available in 1" with Flow Control