Antelco eZyalve 4

The Antelco eZyvalve®4 is a compact valve box with 4 internal solenoid valves that connects to a 24Vac or 9v DC controller. Installation is uncomplicated and the eZyvalve®4 provides a trouble free way to distribute water in a micro irrigation system.


Pre-assembled with no internal pipe connections
Includes cable seal and wire connectors
High impact UV stabilised materials
Water, dust and pest resistant
Textured non slip lid with o-ring seal & stainless steel screws
3/4” BSP male threaded inlet and outlet connections

Available in 9V DC or 24VaC


Landscape areas, home gardens, greenhouses and nurseries for above or below ground installation.

 Just connect water to the eZyvalve®4 and run Irrigation cable ( 5 core Minimum) back to your irrigation Controller.

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