Hunter ICD-HP ACC Decoder Programmer

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Hunter ICD-HP ACC Decoder Programmer
The Indispensable Field Tool for the Decoder Professional
Handheld Programmer
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Hunter ICD-HP ACC Decoder Programmer
  • The Indispensable Field Tool for the Decoder Professional
  • More than a simple programmer, the ICD-HP Handheld Programmer is a field tool designed to help operators of decoder systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • This industrial-grade outdoor instrument saves installation and diagnostic time, and helps operators get the most out of Hunter decoder systems.
  • Using innovative wireless induction, the ICD-HP permits a full range of programming, diagnostic and operational features, without removal of waterproof connectors.
  • The programmer's waterproof programming cup communicates with Hunter decoders through the decoder case—wirelessly.
  • Packaged in an outdoor carrying case, this complete kit includes probes, induction cup, cable, USB power cable for bench use, and 4 AA batteries for field work.
  • Program or re-program decoder stations, whether new or installed
  • Program any station numbers in any order, or skip stations for future expansion
  • Simplifies setup and diagnostics for sensor decoders
  • Sensor test functions for Clik and Flow sensors, plus built-in multimeter
  • Communicates with decoder through plastic case: wireless electro-magnetic induction saves waterproof connectors
  • Compatible with Hunter ICD and Dual series decoders
  • USB powered for shop or office use; 4 x AA batteries for field use
  • All test leads and cables included in durable, foam-padded carrying case
  • Turn decoder stations on and view solenoid status, current in milliamps, and more
  • Waterproof programming cup
  • Backlit adjustable display
  • 6 international operating languages
Electrical Specifications
  • Power input: 4 x AA batteries, or standard USB connector (included)
  • Communications: Wireless induction, range 1" (25 mm)
  • Fused test leads for unpowered decoder functions
  • Approvals FCC, CE, C-tick (no license required)

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