Hunter G85B Full / Part Circle

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Hunter G85B Full / Part Circle
Block Sprinkler
Comes with # 18 Installed
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Hunter G85B Full / Part Circle
  • Boasting the highest torque output of any golf rotor on the market, the G85B’s patented gear drive will push through anything that gets in its way. Try it yourself and see. With just one rotation of the turret by hand, you can clearly feel this rotor’s formidable durability. With such a powerful core, an array of efficient nozzles, and true full circle and part circle capabilities, the new G885 is the golf rotor you can always count on.
  • With a Block rotor design, the G85B is a cost competitive and highly reliable performer. It is the perfect choice for new construction, retrofit, and system upgrade situations that call for a Block rotor configuration.
  • Pop-up height: 9.5 cm
  • Overall height: 24.5 cm
  • Flange diameter: 13.7 cm
  • Female Inlet: 1¼" ACME
Operating Specification
  • Discharge rate: 49.2lts/min to 127.6lts/min
  • Radius: 13.1mts to 27.7mts
  • Pressure range: 65 to 100 PSI (4.5bar to 6.9bar)
  • Full and Part circle Block Rotor with check Valve (60° to 360°)
  • QuickCheck arc mechanism
  • QuickSet-360 arc mechanism
  • Exclusive PressurePort™ nozzle technology
  • Contour “Back-Nozzle” capabilities
  • Ratcheting stainless steel riser
  • Water lubricated gear-drive
  • Check height up to 2 m in elevation change
  • Dual trajectory color-coded nozzles: 12 standard trajectory (22.5°) and 9 low-angle trajectory (15°)
  • Comes with # 18 Installed

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