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Green House Overhead Kit
For up to 8mts x 4mts
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Green House Overhead Kit for up to 8mts x 4mts

This Kit is for 2 overhead runs of 16mm pipe with naan mist sprayers and drainage preventers which prevent leaking after watering has finished.
Each run will have its own isolation valve so can be turned off if required.
The pipe work will be attached the the roof with Nail clips and the pipe work then running to the tap.
The kit can be upgraded to include a Tap Timer.
Material List;
- 6 x 360° Mist Heads ( Black Nozzle)
- 4 x 180° Mist Heads ( Black Nozzle)
- 10 x Naan Drainage Preventers
- 50mts x 16mm LDPE Pipe
- 1 x Hole Punch
- 6 x 16mm barbed Elbows
- 2 x 16mm Barbed Tees
- 2 x 16mm Barbed Stop Ends
- 2 x 16mm Barbed in Line Valves
- 1 x 16mm Barbed Tap connector
- 50 x 16mm Nail Clips
- 1 x Instructions
- 10 x Naan Barbed Bayonets

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