Hunter I-Core Dual

Use Dual to Convert The I-Core to A Cutting Edge Two-Wire Controller

DUAL is Hunter’s innovative two-wire plug-in for the I-Core controller. Designed to bring the convenience and efficiency of two-wire technology to all, the DUAL system can operate up to 48 zones via a single pair of wires, at distances up to 7,500 feet (2.3 km). The 48 zones can all be installed on a single path, or divided over multiple paths to take advantage of pipe trenches. Because it only requires two wires, DUAL offers unmatchable savings in labor, wire, and money. Since it’s I-Core compatible, system operators still receive advanced features and benefits like flow monitoring, quick system overview access, a factory-installed SmartPort®, six language capability, and a bold, graphic display. Dual decoders come in one and two-station versions. Aptly named Dual-1 and Dual-2, the decoder choices ensure any I-Core Dual system is customizable to the needs of any installation.

 Dual Model Specifications

  • Decoder station sizes available: 1, 2

  • Dual-S external surge protectors

  • Max. distance to decoder

    • 14 AWG wire path; 5,000 ft.

    • 12 AWG wire path; 7,500 ft.

  • Field programmable:

    • Dual decoder module display and push button programming makes it easy to program decoders at the controller itself

    • Dual decoders can also be field programmed with the Hunter ICD-HP. No need to remove decoders from the two-wire path

  • Decoder module displays decoder operation and diagnostic information including current draw in milliamps

  • Can operate up to 48 stations of combined decoder and conventional control making system retrofit easy

  • Waterproof connectors for connection to two-wire path supplied with all Dual decoders and Dual-S surge protection (add in-line every 12th decoder or 1000 ft/300 m, minimum)

  • Number of two-wire paths: 3

Approvals CE, UL, C-UL, C-tick, FCC

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