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Hunter Eco logic

Hunter Eco logic

Eco Logic


For small gardens and landscapes, Eco Logic brings effortless control to water efficiency

The Eco-Logic controller is a reliable, economical control solution for small areas that need irrigation. Its features include easy push-button programming, Hunter Quick-Check, two independent programs with four start times each, a 365-day calendar, seasonal adjustment (10% to 150%), weather sensor compatibility, and non-volatile memory. The Eco-Logic is sized in 4- and 6-station models, each possessing features that can maximize a system’s efficiency. For simplicity, dependability, and economy, nothing beats the Hunter Eco-Logic.


  • Number of stations: 4, 6

  • Type: Fixed

  • Enclosure: Indoor

  • Independent programs: 3 (customisable)

  • Start times per program: 4 (customisable)

  • Max station run time: 4 hrs

  • Compatible with Hunter Clik sensors and other micro-switch type weather sensors

  • Rain sensor bypass

  • Programmable rain delay: 1 to 7 days

  • Manual cycle

  • Test program allows for quick system checks

  • Quick Check™

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Automatic short circuit protection

  • Seasonal adjustment (global): 10% to 150%

  • Delay between stations (maximum): 4 hrs

  • Customisable programs enable the controller to be simplified

  • Warranty period: 2 years

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