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Hunter ACC 99D

Hunter ACC 99D

Hunter ACC-99D

Real-time flow sensing in standalone modeLearns flow by station and automatically responds to incorrect flow

Simple two-wire decoder installation Up to 99 stations plus the ability to have remote sensors

Up to 6 two-wire paths of up to 15,000 feet/4.5 kilometers each Economical wiring for the largest systems
Up to 6 different paths out of the controller may be used to make the most efficient use of wire, minimize trenching and disruption of landscaping. Hunter’s color-coded, twisted pair IDWIRE is a cost-effective, easily-installed, direct burial wiring solution that resists surges and electrical noise, while providing high tensile strength for permanent in-ground installation. The wire may also be spliced to follow piping in complex installations.

Diagnostic output LEDs Displays all station activity and line status at a glance

Field programmable decoders with built-in surge protection No complicated serial numbers or extra lightning devices

Easy modular upgrade to 2-way communication with central control Simple plug-in modules upgrade ACC to hardwire, modem, or radio control

Programmable pump/master valve assignments Run pumps and master valves via conventional or decoder outputs

6 fully-independent programs (plus 4 custom programs) Standard programs each have separate day cycles and 10 start times, offering total flexibility for complex landscapes

Non-volatile 100-year memory Program data is retained during power outages, no battery required

Multiple sensor hookups Accommodate devices for weather and flow to provide automatic system shutoff in abnormal conditions


  • ICD-100, 200, ICD-SEN - 3 5⁄8" H* x 1 1/2" W x 1/2" D (92 mm H* x 38 mm W x 12.7 mm D)
  • ICD-400, 600 - 3 5⁄8" H* x 1 3/4" W x 1 1/2" D (92 mm H* x 46 mm W x 38 mm D)

ICD Decoder Models

  • ICD-100 – Single-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire
  • ICD-200 – Two-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire
  • ICD-400 – Four-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire
  • ICD-600 – Six-station decoder with surge suppression and ground wire
  • ICD-SEN – Two input sensor decoder with surge suppression and ground wire