Galcon DC1 & DC4

Galcon DC1 & DC4S

Modern and sophisticated controllers for the automatic operation of a watering system without requiring any mains electricity.

The DC-1S - one valve complete with controller.

The DC-1S valves 2-way whereas with the DC-4S the valves are 3-way. 2-way and 3-way valves cannot be interchanged.

Features - All Controllers:

Independent station programming

Up to four start times per day, per station

Watering time from 1 minute to 12 hours

7 day cycle or cycle 1-30 days

Rain off position

Average battery life - 1 year

Additional Features DC-1S & DC-4S

Window option for irrigating part of the day

Watering time from 5 seconds every minute in increments of 5 seconds

Includes sensor connection

Each valve can have sensor on or off

The DC-4S can operate up to 4 valves from one controller

Complete Technical Specifications:

Pressure range 0.7 to 10 bar

Max temperature 80°C

Powered by 2 x 9V Alkaline batteries

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