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Galcon Controllers

Galcon Controllers

Galcon Controllers

Galcon is a leading manufacturer of computerized irrigation controllers and systems for residential and professional gardeners, landscapers and municipalities. Galcon’s state-of-the art agriculture irrigation systems are the preferred choice of farmers and growers. Water utilities use Galcon’s pressure management solutions for managing their water resource and reduce water loses. Based on extensive research and experience, Galcon recognized the need for irrigation customers to get the right amount of water to the right place at the right time.

Residential Gardening For home gardening,

Galcon offers a wide range of battery-operated controllers as well as AC controllers. All residential gardening controllers are easy to install and use.

Galcon has developed a range of easy-to-use and install automatic controllers for home gardens. These user-friendly products are off-the-shelf controllers that are truly plug & play. Any gardener can easily set up and program any of these home gardening systems. Galcon’s top quality products are highly reliability and weather resistant.

Installers and home gardeners can opt for any type of controller, ranging from a 1-station battery operated controller up to 8-station AC controllers. While maintaining an innovative and unique design, all systems are competitively priced to make them fit any budget. The controllers are almost maintenance-free; all that is needed is periodic battery replacement (for battery-operated controllers).

Turf & Landscape For professional gardening,

Galcon provides an extensive array of specialized AC-electric and DC -battery operated controllers

Galcon offers an extensive range of automatic controllers for professional gardening and landscaping. The controllers are designed for maximum flexibility and durability, which makes them perfect choice for large parks, public gardens, traffic islands, football fields and large multiple-area home gardens. Our controllers are also suitable for light agricultural applications such as small hothouses, small fields and cooling systems.