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Controllers / Tap Timers

Controllers / Tap Timers

 Automated watering systems not only save you time and energy but also help saves water. To automate your irrigation system you need a water timer or water Irrigation Controller.These are used to control your Irrigation systems automatically via a battery or mains timer from a single tap timer or up to 99 stations controller dependant on the garden requirements. The tap timers are battery operated timers. The others require mains power either from a transformer or direct dependant on which type of controller you choose. There are also controllers which will work on 9v Battery power if mains power is not available.

Water Timers allow you to easily set several watering programmes for fully automated and flexible watering around the clock. These are the best-selling timers and great products for everyday use in your garden irrigation system.

Rain sensors are a must-have addition to any automated irrigation system. Rain Sensors stops any programmed start times when wet. Having this helps prevent over-watering and water wastage.