3P Rainwater Filter Collector

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3P Rainwater Filter Collector
Filters and collects rainwater for storage in water butts and tanks.
Suitable for round and square down pipes up to 68mm.
Complete with adapter and reducing sets to fit to ¾" or 1¼" mm hose.
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3P Rainwater Filter Collector
  • The selection of the correct filter or diverter will normally depend on the size of your roof area, however for simple diversion on guttering downpipes the filter collector FS is ideal.
  • On larger projects the garden filter will cope with roof areas up to 200m² and the volume filter up to 450m².
  • Both units can installed within the top of the tank, however they are large units and general access for other components such as submersible pumps can prove tight. On this basis we would normally recommend they be installed direct buried by opting for the 'filters with extension'.
  • When routing clean rainwater from the filter to the underground tank this filter should be introduced into the tank via a downpipe with a calmed inlet on the bottom, this ensures that settled debris on the bottom of the tank is not disturbed.
  • An overflow to the normal drainage system or soakaway should always be in place, this ensures a continual turnover of water within the tank when at high level.
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