smartzone modular
Smartzone Modular Controller

High-end Controller:

  SmartZone - The "Daddy" of L.R. Nelson's controllers, the SmartZone has one thing most controllers don't, expandability. Through the use of four-station expansion modules, a SmartZone controller can be expanded from eight stations to 36 using the same controller.

  "It was the first controller on the market to have non-volatile memory. With its many features, the SmartZone EZ controllers are cost-effective for any residential project


• Non-volatile memory

• Four independent programs with four start times each

• A simultaneous program allows multiple programs to run if electrical and hydraulic systems are not exceeded

• Stackable programs

• Three scheduling options (7-day/1-30-day interval/true even/odd)

• Sensor inputs with override option

• Water budgeting 5-200%

• 12/24-hour clock

• Programmable pump options and delay times

• Programmable start day on interval up to 30 days out

• 3 Month Warranty

We only have limited stock and ideal for applications where you either have an existing unit to replace or require a larger zone controller


Plastic Cabinet Model

Comes as 16 Station unit 

Metal Cabinet Model

Comes as 16 Station Controller

Modules 4 Zone